Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beat the Heat Results

Beat the Heat Regatta Results have been posted on our PHRF Tab. Congratulations to Dos Amigos, Latitude and Pacific Wolf.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buoy, Buoy, Buoy Race

Attachment Two to the Summer Series Sailing Instructions has been posted detailing the courses for the Buoy, Buoy Buoy Race on Sunday, August 3rd.

See you on the water

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Get Your Calendar Updated - Schedule of Upcoming Summer Events

Taco Tuesdays are EVERY Tuesday. Meet on the Dock at 5 for boat assignment. $5 to skipper or crew.

July 26th is the SYC hosted Beat the Heat Regatta - part of the LBHS.  Links to NORs and Registration can be found under the PHRF Tab.

July 27th is the Cruise Race back from Cat Harbor. More info can be found on the Club Racing Tab. Registration is pretty much - take your own time and call it in.  

August 3rd is the Buoy Buoy Buoy Club Race for Big Boats and Cal 20s. More info and registration can be found in the Club Racing Tab.

August 9th is Platform to Queen Mary - a Singlehanded and Doublehanded Regatta. More info and registration can be found on the PHRF Tab.

August 10th is the Summer Cal 20 Fever - a warm up for the Class Championships. More info under Cal 20 Fleet Tab

August 14 - 17 are the Cal 20 Class Championships hosted. There is a special Tab for that with all the information in it. 

August 24th is the Summer Series Event - Buccaneer Days for Cal 20s and Big Boats. Info is under the Club Tab

The summer ends with the annual Long Beach to Dana Point race over Labor Day weekend. Information is under the PHRF tab.

We are still looking for some committee boats and volunteers. Please contact the race committee at racing@shorelineyachtclub if you can volunteer. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Return from Cat Harbor Cruise Race

Here's another chance to mix pleasure with fun. After a great weekend cruising, keep up the thrills and chills with a little race back home. The Take Your Own Sweet Time Race Back from Cat Harbor Event is super easy and open to all sailboats. No official start makes for a relaxing morning and a no-pressure day. Plus you can run your engine for 1.5 hours during the day (some restrictions apply - Read the Notice of Event in Club Racing).

First Rule - Have Fun
Second Rule - Don't Hit Anything Hard
Third Rule - Refer back to rule one.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taco Tuesdays Continue All Summer

Starting in July - Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday throughout the rest of the summer. The races will be run as individual events instead of as part of a series. This is to give more skippers an opportunity to get out and race intermittently in this busy summer season instead of committing to all of them and then not being able to attend all. Advance registration is preferred and those skippers who sign up ahead will be guaranteed a boat. We will also be assigning boats to skippers who just show up at the dock if they are available. Boats and crew will be drawn for at the dock. $5 individual race fee for both skippers and crew. Cash is best, but POS is an available option. 

July registration is up on the Cal 20 tab. Come on out and have some fun. Stay for the tacos and be in awe of Kathy Landers creative trophies.

Beat the Heat - Long Beach Harbor Series

Saturday, July 26th

Beat the Heat Regatta NORs and Electronic Registration is available on the LBHS website. Links are provided on the PHRF Tab above.