Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taco Tuesdays racing is about to begin!

Finally, the Cal 20 - Taco Tuesdays racing is about to begin!  The first race in the first series will be tomorrow, May 8th.  There will be a skipper's meeting at 17:30 for those individuals that want to skipper a boat and have been signed off by JSORP.  Anyone else is welcome to crew on a boat.  The cost for skippers or crew is $20.00 per person for the 4 race series.

You can sing up via the racing website at http://racing.shorelineyachtclub.com.  Please note that for the entry system to work, you have to put something in every one of the required fields.  A zero (0)or a not applicable (N/A) work on any field that you don't have info on.

If you want to crew but can't be at the Club by 17:30, text or call me at 714-325-3645 and let me know you are on your way.  The skipper's will be drawing crew from the available pool at the Skipper's Meeting.

See you tonight

Stephen Ashley, Chair
Shoreline Yacht Club
Race Management Committee

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